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The Covid-19 pandemic hit us like a freight train. It stopped the world as we know it in its tracks. But even though the crisis will have business and even entire industries struggling to survive, the silver lining is that it creates opportunities too. It already has. We adapted to changes in a matter of days, where before months, if not years of planning would have been in order. During any crisis, all eyes are on the financial sector. They are expected to provide assistance and support the economy, but in order to do so, business needs to continue as usual. Markus Unterberger, Practice Leader Financial Services for Kennedy Executive Search, continued his regular client calls during the global lockdown. While talking to CEO’s and Managing Directors of some of the world’s leading financial companies, he learned a lot about how this paramount sector might, more than ever, path the way for the rest of us.

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The partners of Kennedy Executive Search, the global network of privately-owned executive search boutiques, have elected Caroline Frisenberg as their new President and Markus Unterberger as Vice President. Founder of the network Jorg Stegemann and Carl Lens will step down as President and Vice President respectively. The election is a consequence of the network’s recent transformation into an Economic Interest Group (EIG). In this new structure, all partners become equal stakeholders and together elect their leadership. The new presidency is effective January 1st.

Kennedy new presidency

Caroline Frisenberg heads Frisenberg J. Associates / Kennedy Executive Monaco and has been a partner in the Kennedy network for almost 4 years. This means she has seen the network grow from its early start to the global organization it is today. She has taken full advantage of what the network has to offer and teamed up with partners in a variety of cross border projects and assignments. Markus Unterberger, who is owner of Unterberger & Partner / Kennedy Frankfurt, Munich, Salzburg and Zurich, joined the network earlier last year, and has quickly demonstrated a clear and strong vision for the network and also participated in a number of global collaborations.

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Selling Advent Wreaths to empower youth and support their education. The partners in the Kennedy Executive network help people in their career every day. For children, a career is a long road away. For some this is not just in years, but also in terms of opportunities and chances. Under the heading ‘Kennedy Cares’, each partner undertakes or joins a charitable activity, aimed at helping all youth reach their potential. Unterberger & Partner / Kennedy Executive Salzburg, Munich, Frankfurt and Zurich joined in on a much loved local tradition of making advent wreaths and supported the organization of this special event by active and monetary means. The proceeds will go to the Herz-Jesu-missionaries in Salzburg. They will use it to support social projects in the Herz-Jesu-Gymnasium in Salzburg but also to set up new schools and child care facilities in Brasil and Congo where financial resources are limited.

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This week is International Week of Happiness at Work. The organization behind this global initiative believes that happy employees are more productive, flexible, resilient, creative and work better with customers and colleagues. With this is mind, they state that happiness at work should be a top priority for all companies. Yet many companies still often overlook this simple message. Furthermore, employees don’t always see their jobs as a vehicle to a happy life. They might be content with their jobs, and like what they do, but happiness is found at home, with family or with friends.

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Markus Unterberger appointed as Practice Leader Markus Unterberger appointed as Practice LeaderFinancial Services for Kennedy Executive Search

Munich, 4 July, 2019 – Kennedy Executive Search, the global network of Munich, 4 July, 2019 – Kennedy Executive Search, the global network of privately owned executive search boutiques, announces the appointment of Markus Unterberger as Practice Leader Financial Services. In this role, Markus will structure and guide Kennedy‘s services in recruitment forleadership roles the Financial Services industry across North- and South America and Europe.

Like most, if not all industries, the Financial Services industry faces enormous challenges. Digitization, cybercrime, regulatory compliance and the boom of Fintech are but a few. Add to that the shift to a more customer-focused way of working, and it’s clear that the industry needs to redefine the way it recruits. Historically however, the Financial Services industry is one that tends to stick to ingrained methods and mindsets. This in turn gives the industry an old-fashioned, inert and dormant image, making it harder to attract young talent. Unjust, as the industry offers an abundance of promising career opportunities.


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